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General Information

Entire ranges of copper tubular terminals are made from ETP grade & EC grade aluminum tubes. Terminals are exclusively designed for study performance even on adverse conditions. Unique type test are conducted as per IS: 8909 & IS: 8337. The range of the terminals & connectors starts from 0.5mm2 to 1000mm2 with many variations suiting to many industries.

Quality is extremely important in an electrical system. It is maintained by undertaking stage wise inspection, which is always mandatory. Full fledge in house lab. Inspects raw material & out going finished products as per defined rejection / acceptance methods. Relevant Indian & International standards are maintained by concurrent inspections & close monitoring of quality standards. This will enable the customers to select the terminals as per the specification required.

All series are distinctively bearing comet marking cable size & stud sizes are marked for easier identification. Individual boxes are sealed with holograms to avoid spurious supplies at the stage.

Keeping in view providing latest information to the user "COMET" has taken exhaustive efforts to compile all relevant data on terminals & connectors.
Products mentioned in the catalogue are being widely used in the field of power control & distribution. The definition of a terminals end is well defined is IS: 8337 as a connecting device cable & which has fixing arrangements of termination by means of a bolt fixing or pin insertion on tunnel type terminals blocks.
Comparing to older methods like soldering, mechanical clamping & welding. CRIMPING has its own solid advantages. Various types of terminal ends are designed for the convenience of the user, which adapts to varying requirements. General data is tabulated below:

Type of Terminals Application
1. Tubular type terminals ends Widely used series for soldering or solderless crimping application made from Cu & Al. Standards followed are IS, BS & DIN
2. Ring tongue terminals ends Generally used along with control cables. Various shapes can be made & stud holes as per requirement can be made.
3. Reducer type terminals ends This series is recommended for usage in fuse gears, ICTP switches, watt meters etc.
4. Pin type terminals ends Termination in terminal blocks is being done with pin type terminal ends. Widely used in control panel wiring. Non-insulated, insulated & pre-insulated versions are available.
5. Fork Type terminal ends Fixing arrangement of LV / MV switchgears of different varies & hence to suit those application forks type terminal ends are designed.
6. In Line Connectors For enabling straight through joints of aluminum or copper cables in line connectors are widely used.