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General Information

Gland Design

COMET gland design & testing philosophy on the performance requirements of BS: 6121 & IP66 as per IS 13947 (Part I), adding any criteria necessary to meet particular specification.

Hazardous area glands - Approvals
COMET flameproof glands are approved by CMRI, Dhanbad, DGFASLI, BIS, CCOE – Nagpur suitable for GAS I, IIA, IIB & IIC. Specific details are available upon request.

Glands are manufactured as standard in BRASS. Alternative material includes ALUMINIUM, MILD STEEL & S.S.

Brass glands are generally supplied with NICKEL finish and can be supplied with variety of finishes, e.g. TIN or CADNIUM. Further details are available upon request.

Entry threads
Glands are supplied with B.S.C. threads (ET). Other entry thread forms available are - NPT, PG, PF, BSP METRIC etc.

How to order
Select appropriate gland from the relevant table by checking the ACTUAL cable dimensions or referring to the SPECIFIED cable.

Alternatively if you would prefer us to recommend a gland to meet your requirement, please quote: Full cable description and dimensions; or cable specification and conductor size, gland reference Entry thread required if other than BSC.

Accessories e.g. shroud, earth tags are supplied separately and should be specified when ordering the gland.